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Houses to rent for your holiday in Sardinia
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If you’re wishing to spend a holiday in Sardinia this site offers you the possibility of renting a house in one of the most typical villages of the Ogliastra region: Baunei.
...surrounded, needless to say, by some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world!
trekking, goloritzè, Sardegna Ogliastra
spiaggia, goloritzè, Sardegna Ogliastra
spiaggia, goloritzè, Sardegna Ogliastra
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mare, sardegna, ogliastra, Sardegna Ogliastra
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Here are in fact the most precious jewels of the Sardinian sea, unique breathtaking places you can choose to reach in many enjoyable ways: hiking excursions and walks, trips by motor dinghy or boat with lunch on board.
...the wildest and most unspoilt countryside!
L'Altopiano del Golgo, (The Golgo Plateau), within easy reach of Baunei, is the starting point of countless hiking excursions and walks around this fascinating natural setting, surrounded by Nuraghs (typical primitive buildings, huge rocks with the weirdest shapes, impressive canyons and donkeys that come to greet you).
But the entire Ogliastra region has so much to offer, so many places to see (deserted villages like Gairo Vecchia, huge Menhir…) that you can spend every day in a different way and never get bored.
Lovers of free climbing obviously can’t miss the Needle Rock of Goloritzé, whereas the bravest ones will certainly appreciate spending an unforgettable week with the "Selvaggio Blu" (Wild Blue) hiking excursion, which winds for as long as 42 kilometres along the wild environment of the Gulf of Orosei and is considered to be the most difficult in Italy.
vacanze sardegna, golgo, Sardegna Ogliastra
vacanze sardegna, ogliastra, golgo, Sardegna Ogliastra
vacanze, sardegna, ogliastra, Sardegna Ogliastra
vacanze sardegna, escursioni, Sardegna Ogliastra
vacanze sardegna, trekking, Sardegna Ogliastra
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