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A major centre of the region, both for the extent of its territory and for the natural beauty that characterises it. It is a small agricultural village at 480 metres above sea level, characterised by stone-made buildings, developed more in height than in width. It has only recently started to draw on the natural resource of its territory and therefore to be geared towards tourism. The centre of Baunei is exactly where you start your overland journey to reach the bays of Cala Goloritzè, Cala Sisine or the altopiano del Golgo "Golgo Plateau", where you’ll find the deepest canyon in Europe, called "Su Sterru", the beautiful “Is Piscinas”, the little country church of San Pietro (Saint Peter), the Nuraghs of Alba and Orgoduri.

Ogliastra Baunei case
vacanze Baunei trekking
View of Baunei
vacanze Baunei trekking
vacanze Baunei trekking
The Church in the centre of Baunei
Baunei on an autumn night
Santa Maria Navarrese

Santa Maria Navarrese is a coastal hamlet of Baunei, at only ten minutes by car from it. This pretty little village has only recently turned to tourism, which has been favouring its development, also thanks to the construction of a 4th class marina with 340 berths for boats up to 30 metre long, one of the very few in this stretch of coast. In the square opposite the homonymous church, you can admire the most ancient oleasters in Europe, charming for their majesty. Here is also where every year, on the 15th August, the feast of Santa Maria del Mare (Saint Mary of the Sea) takes place, as well as the festival of the goat, on the last Sunday of August. In the marina you can find motor dinghies to hire and from there start a trip along this breathtaking coast. Heading towards Cala Goloritzè, the first of the wonderful bays you will discover along your journey, you will first come across a huge calcareous needle called “Sa Pedra Longa” (Tall Rock), also reachable overland, by car. If you choose to go there by car, take the road SS 125 to Baunei then follow the directions you will find at the 153rd kilometre, just before the village. A steep descent will take you directly to the needle rock.

Santa Maria Navarrese, vacanze mare
Santa Maria Navarrese, vacanze mare
You can reach "Sa Pedra Longa" overland, by car The beach of Santa Maria Navarrese
Santa Maria Navarrese, vacanze mare
Santa Maria Navarrese, ogliastra, vacanze
The marina of Santa Maria Navarrese
The beach of Santa Maria Navarrese and its homonymous tower