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Its name may derive from the wild olive trees this territory is dominated by, however some think it could be related to the huge needle called “Agugliastra” (Sa Perda Longa, Tall Rock) which rises on the coast of Santa Maria Navarrese.
vacanze sardegna, ogliastra, baunei, case
santa maria navarrese, vacanze mare, sardegna, ogliastra, appartamenti
View from Baunei Sa Pedra Longa
Situated in the east-central part of Sardinia, Ogliastra is a most spectacular corner of Sardinia, a natural amphitheatre that from the Gennargentu Mountain falls to a sea of unequalled clear water. Its 100 kilometres coast is a unique, enchanting display of cobalt blue and intense emerald green colours. Here is where the natural beauty of Sardinia outshines itself , alternating long, wide beaches (Cala Moresca, Porto Frailis, Lido di Cea, Lido di Tortolì) with lovely little bays (Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine, Cala Golorotzé) and majestic cliffs overlooking a crystal-clear sea. You could also dive in the clear waters to admire the fantastic soundings of the ogliastra coast and visit the relicts located in the area. We recommend you dive escorted by the expert instructors of the diving center of the S. Maria Navarrese Nautica, that you can contact at the 0782 615522.
sardegna, mare, ogliastra, baunei
vacanze sardegna, ogliastra
mare sardegna, ogliastra, tortolì
The Coast
The grotta dei Colombi
However Ogliastra is not only beaches: quite the opposite, the countless wide-ranging itineraries for hiking, cycling, off-roading, trips by car or motorbike, in search of ancient Nuraghs, Domus de Janas and Tombe dei Giganti, make it the ideal place for nature lovers.
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ogliastra, case vacanze, appartamenti, sardegna
Little donkeys in the Golgo Plateau
The Nuraghe Serbissi, near Lanusei.

Another interesting fact about Ogliastra is that is has the highest number of people over a hundred years old in Sardinia: an extraordinary record, considering that the Island already has a high concentration of centenarians compared to the rest of the world. Most curiously, the worldwide ratio between male and female centenarians is 1 man every 7/8 women, whereas in Sardinia it goes down to a reassuring 1 to 2, or even 1 to 1 in some areas. Environmental factors or genetic features? If in doubt, it might be a god idea to spend your next holidays in this place savouring the irresistible culurgiones and porchetto washed down with a healthy glass of good wine: that can only do you good, or at least pep you up!