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Cala Goloritzè
A wonderful overland walk, or a more comfortable boat trip, will take you to one of the most charming bays in the whole island. The different shades of blue you can admire off this little bay are unique and certainly justify the title of “world heritage site”, conferred by UNESCO.

goloritzè, vacanze mare, sardegna, ogliastra
mare, sardegna, ogliastra, goloritzè
Cala Goloritzè seen from the above path
Goloritzé is also known for its famous arch, which you might enjoy swimming to, and for its 127 metre long needle rock, a sought-after destination for European free-climbers.
goloritzè, ogliastra, vacanze sardegna,
ogliastra, baunei, sardegna, goloritzè
ogliastra, goloritzè
Views of Cala Goloritzè
goloritzè, sardegna, baunei
sardegna, baunei, ogliastra
The needle of Goloritzè The needle seen from the sea

It can be reached overland starting from Baunei and following the same road that leads to the Altopiano del Golgo (Golgo Plateau), until you get to a car park with a bar. There you leave the car and continue on foot, along a path that in one and a half hours (at normal speed and with appropriate lace-up shoes) will take you directly to the bay. You can also go there by boat, bearing in mind that you cannot land directly on the beach, where as you can in the bays next to it. This is also the only one where shuttle-boats are not allowed to disembark tourists.


  trekking, goloritzè, ogliastra, baunei, sardegna 
vacanze mare sardegna, goloritzè
Arrival at Goloritzè from the overland path Goloritzè seen from the sea

Cala Mariolu and Biriola

Only reachable by sea. You start from the marina of Santa Maria Navarrese (a hamlet of Baunei at ten minutes by car from it) where you can hire a motor dinghy for a full day. From there you will soon get to Cala Goloritzé, and then to the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani ( Sea-gull’s Beach, whose name comes from the many sea-gulls that populate it at sunset). Immediately after that is the wonderful Ispuligidenie beach, otherwise called Cala Mariolu. The name Ispuligidenie (literally ‘snow fleas’) was originally given by the shepherds of the area to describe the pure white tiny pebbles of this beach. Cala Mariolu derives instead from the name originally given by fishermen to the monk seals that used to live in this place and often steal the catch from their nets. Continuing along the coast, the next beach you get to, before Cala Sinine, is the lovely little bay of Biriola, with a famous small arch visible from the sea and the Forest of Biriola, a dense wood of evergreen oaks that goes all the way down to the beach.
mariolu, vacanze ogliastra
sardegna, mare, ogliastra
Cala Mariolu
The arch of Biriola
sardegna, mare, ogliastra
The arch of Biriola

Cala Sisine e Cala Luna

These beaches of fine sand are the largest on this stretch of coast and can be reached both overland and by sea. Cala Sisine can be reached along a short path in about 45 minutes, after a one-hour journey by off-roader.
Cala Luna can be reached at the end of a challenging hiking track of 40 kilometres, called ‘Selvaggio Blu’ (Wild Blue), which involves several legs to be travelled in several days stopping at every single beach up to Cala Fuili. It is larger than Cala Sisinie and is famous for its caves, once populated by monk seals and now frequently visited by tourists. The best period to go there is spring, when the flowering plants make it a real paradise, and when its natural peace is not disturbed by the shuttle-boats that regularly stop off there in the summer.
mare sardegna, ogliastra
ogliastra, mare, sardegna
Cala Sisine
Cala Sisine dal mare
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